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No such thing as a "simple" spine procedure

There is no such thing as a "simple" fusion or "easy" surgery. Every spine surgery, whether a laminectomy, single level fusion, or complex scoliosis reconstruction has its own challenges and should be patient focused to each individual. For example, patient's spine can be destabilized and fused in "flat back" even after just a single level fusion if the surgeon does not understand the spinal biomechanics, spino-pelvic parameters, and what happens to spine when wrong sized cages are put in. Incorrectly performed single level fusion can, in turn, cause adjacent level problems, accelerate degeneration and destabilize the entire spine requiring multitude of future surgeries. Please be careful about surgeon selection when you require ANY back surgery at all. 

This patient had one of the most complicated and technologically advanced back surgeries there are. She underwent spinal reconstruction from adult degenerative scoliosis in a minimally invasive fashion with a procedure called XLIF (extreme lateral interbody fusion). The name does not matter so much as there are many different techniques that are similar, but what is special is that her whole lower back was reconstructed through minimally invasive small incisions, without much damage to surrounding muscle and tissue. This is her testimonial after only 6 weeks from a major operation. 

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