Dr. J and the Brain and Spine Clinic

effective immediately

due to a court order
entered by the

18th Judicial Circuit Court
Judge Curt Jacobus


Order Granted To:

1. Uphold The B.A.C.K Center's non-compete against Dr. Januszewski

2. The order was amended by Judge Jacobus beyond the original non-compete terms, preventing Dr. Januszewski from seeing ANY Brevard or Indian River County patients, ANYWHERE in Florida

3. The amended order also forced Dr. Januszewski to stop practicing ANY medicine in Brevard and Indian River counties

What we take from this:​

  •  Patient access to neurosurgical services has been severely restricted or denied to Brevard and Indian River County residents

  • Brevard County is the only Florida county designated by HRSA as severely medically "Underserved Area -"

  • The Brevard County neurosurgeon ratio is now less than 1:200,000 population, half of the already low national average 1:100,000 population.

  • This order haphazardly decreased patient access to neurosurgical services in Brevard county.

  • This order haphazardly endangered the health and safety of Brevard county residents in emergency neuro-trauma situations. 

  • Health First is currently the only employer of neurosurgeons in Brevard County, severely restricting access to these services. 

  • The unilateral Judge Jacobus order was beyond any legally binding employment agreement. 

  • The order violates the new section of Chapter 542, Florida Statutes, which prohibits restrictive covenant agreements, and voids existing restrictive covenant agreements, for physicians who practice a medical specialty in a county with only 1 employer of that specialty.

  • Some Brevard County residents will be left without access to neurosurgical services at all, others will be forced to wait months for available appointments with other providers. 

  • We are extremely disappointed to see our judicial system ignore the health needs of its own community, to allow a multi-million dollar Orthopedic Spine practice (that does not offer neurosurgical services) to continue to prosper.

  • We will continue to monitor this situation long-term on State and National levels.

  • We fully understand and agree that the BACK Center's selfish and childish behavior only hurts the patients of Brevard and Indian River counties.

  • Our hearts go out to everyone who will be directly or indirectly negatively affected by this irresponsible, unilateral court decision.